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Gotham: Written by Victoria Kerr

Gotham, which is well known to many as the home and birth place as DC Comics 3rd oldest super hero Batman, wasn’t always full of crime fighting heroes but was the complete opposite. A town built on lies, hush money, strip clubs and illegal dens, it was in desperate need of someone to clear up the mess that Gotham had become and restore order for the citizens. Over the 4 seasons that have been broadcasted on FOX and E4 since 2014, we have seen the young Bruce Wayne transform from a terrified child who had witnessed his parents murder, into training himself and becoming the Batman we know today. With familiar names, such as Selena Kyle and Alfred Pennyworth, the show fans of the comics are sure to find Gotham interesting to say the least.

Gotham has a similar genre to the ITV drama Broadchurch in that it is a murder investigation drama. The drama is based around the underworld and crime which is out of control in the city of Gotham, which is where Officer Gordon (which in later years becomes Commanding chief Gordon to comic fans) and his partner Harvey Bullock. They form together due to the first murder we are witnessed too right at the start of season 1- The Wayne’s Murders. However, the show isn’t just based around these murders as a string of criminals start causing mayhem in the streets of Gotham turning the officer’s attention away from the case and to focus on the ever-increasing list of villains. The Wayne’s murder is an on-going case, which is brought back up with every other episode as we see early on that many criminals connect with the case and are connect to the criminal underworld. We see an insight in that the ‘Wayne Foundation’ which was owned by Bruce Wayne parents; Martha and Thomas Wayne isn’t all that it seems.


The reason for the shows creation is to show what shaped the villains and heroes of Gotham into who they are today. We get to have a more in depth view into Bruce Wayne’s life and therefore get to understand his character better. From season 1 to season 4 we see him come to terms with his parent’s death and gain interest in cleansing Gotham of all bad. We get to see him being trained in combat by his butler, Alfred Pennyworth and see his relationship with Selena Kyle and his first experience with the supposed ‘Joker’ as a young boy. We are also shown the backstory to undoubtedly the most famous Gotham villain, The Joker-at least we are made to think it’s the Joker.  


Without spoiling too much, each season provides more insight on both the villains of Gotham and the plot regarding the Wayne’s murder thickens. With each episode, a bigger image starts to form and the city of Gotham starts to form into the all so familiar Gotham we know today. So far the show has produced 4 seasons, with the fifth and final season being premiered on FOX in America early next year on Thursday 3rd January, however seeing as the show is broadcasted on E4, and E4 normally wait until after a shows midseason break so they can show it uninterrupted, UK fans will not be able to watch the show until summer 2019.

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