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FILM: How Animation Has Changed

Animated films are something that most people want to watch, they’re classics that never seem to get old. From the originals, to the new revolutionary way of animated films, making them more enjoyable than ever before.

There is so many different types of animation, from cartoons you used to watch when you were a child, like Horrid Henry and Tom and Jerry, to the brand-new animated films like the Incredibles 2, that was just recently released last year.

Some animated films have even had a revamp to make the film even better and more incredible, like the classic Disney film Dumbo. The classic animation was released in 1941, and as of 2019, a brand-new live action revamp of the film is set to hit the cinemas, showing the award-winning original film bigger and better like never before. If you have not seen the trailer already you definitely need to, and in true Disney Style, it is magical! Like Dumbo, Disney really has been pulling it out of the bag recently and in the upcoming years with live action remakes. The most popular ones we have already saw is the amazing Cinderella, which was originally an animation in 1950, plus Beauty and the Beast, of which the original was released in 1991.

Animation has made us aware of the most well-known Disney princesses and we can also see how they have evolved as the development of animation gets better and better. From the first Disney Princesses Snow White (1937), Cinderella (1950) and Aurora (1959) to the most recent Princesses Merida (2012), Elsa (2013) and Moana (2016). What I absolutely love about Moana in particular is that she doesn’t define the stereotypes of a typical Disney Princess; she doesn’t have a love interest and is ‘the chosen one’, which I think more Princesses need to be like.

You can visually see the changes in animation over the last few years that big production companies like Disney Pixar, DreamWorks, and Warner Bros, their animations just keep getting bigger and better. With new revolutionised ways of filming animation, such as VR and Computer Generated Imagery, the possibilities can be endless! There’s just something from an animated films that isn’t there with other films, its kind of like being thrown back into your childhood when you used to spend hours on end just watching films, which I think everybody loves to feel like sometimes.

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