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Top 5 Albums of 2019 So Far

5: 21 Savage – I AM > I WAS

21 Savage’s latest record ‘I AM > I WAS’ is the artists most ambitious album to date, featuring some beautiful instrumentals and all round good music production which is rather surprising as 21’s track record hasn’t been the best, dropping the occasional banger here and there but not releasing a project worthy of the time of day until this latest effort. 21 was met with some controversy this year surrounding him, as he was almost deported from the USA after questions came into place about where he was born and if he is a real US citizen. All in all, this album has been a surprising hit. 

4: Boogie – Everything’s for sale

Boogie’s new album “Everything’s for sale” is a fantastic debut for the artist on the Shady Records label, which is owned by Eminem. His style is very reminiscent of rappers such as Kendrick Lamar, who is from Compton like Boogie, and other wellknown rappers, and this gives Boogie some leeway in being easily digested by new audiences as his music is contemporary and has a modern feel. Artists such as Eminem and 6lack turn up as features on this album too, which should tell you that if he is being co-signed by bigger artists than himself then he is certainly worth the time of day. 

3: Beyoncé – Homecoming

Beyoncé’s new song album is essentially a live recording of her Coachella, which marked the first time a black woman headlined arguably the biggest music festival, and the performance was one for the history books. It contains songs from her album lemonade, as well as Destiny’s child songs where she is of course backed up by Kelly Rowland. The only issue with this album is the mix can be a bit off, but that’s because it’s a live performance, Beyoncé’s stunning singing talent shines through here and creates a fantastic listen. 

2: Ariana Grande – Thank U, Next

After having just released an album at the end of last year, Ariana Grande is back on form with her new album ‘Thank U, Next’. Singles such as the title track, and ‘7 Rings’ helped propel this album to the top of the charts, and Ariana Grande remains one of the biggest popstars on the planet. Grande had a rocky year in 2018, getting engaged, and her exboyfriend dying which in turn caused her to break up with her partner she was engaged to, but it is great to get some insight into how she is dealing with this in the tracks on the album.


Billie Eilish has been in question ever since she became a star as to whether she is talented at all or if her ties to the industry have just been making her something of an ‘industry plant’. Overall, the controversy outside of her music does not affect the music quality, and this album is some of the best music to come out this year entirely. Billie has a very quiet, childish voice on most of the songs, and has a lot of vocal manipulation mixed with fiery production which was made by her brother of all people and creates and amazing blend of genres such as electro pop and hip-hop, as well as other things. The music inside of this album is a must listen and has earned its place as the best album of the year so far. 

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