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From releasing his own whiskey brand to beating the cr*p out of a bus, Connor McCregor has had an interesting few years at the top.

The self-proclaimed ‘King of the Jungle’ has left his mark on the world of MMA, but he has taken on a slightly different lifestyle since his record-breaking fight with Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather in August of 2017.


Football is a multi billion pound sport that has been around for more than hundred years. Football involves participants to move the ball with their own style and flair also involving others to defend and intercept the ball. The styles of controlling the ball have changed throughout the years becoming more advance and very hard to do and only the best can do the advanced skills. Can you remember the days we as kids use to play on the streets? Now we have state of the art facilities to play at.


In the dance world, there is a certain stigma around body image, and sadly, it has become a massive problem in the dance industry. This is a topic that myself, and I am sure many other people are passionate about, because absolutely nobody should get told they are not allowed to do something, just because of how they look! It is awful and so unbelievably wrong.

Leicester and Brighton have a history playing together, yet the score often seems to be in favour of Leicester City. With the teams facing each other 3 times in the last 2 years, the first of which being August 2017. Fans were anxious to find out what the result would have been, seeing as Brighton has lost only one of their last 9 premier league game at home.