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BiThis months issues feature article is on Virtual reality in which we discuss the future of technology, in which something that seemed impossible 10 years ago is slowly becoming a reality. Looking for new music to check out? check out our music page with reviews on artists such as IDK, Catfish and the Bottleman and albums that our team personally like. Finished binging your last boxset? Check out our Television and Netflix reviews from shows ranging from reality shows like Love Island to dark and mysterious shows such as Gotham  -we’re sure you’ll find something to binge next!  

Big fan of movies? Then your in luck as we have a large range of film reviews and recommendations to choose from such as films to be released in 2020, Animated films and interesting interview on one of the biggest films of 2017- The Greatest Showman.

Moving away from the technology based side of the magazine, going to a party or festival soon and not sure what to wear? Well look no further as we have all your part and festival essentials right here- including how to have a affordable day out for those who want to stick to there budget. We also have some highly interesting articles ranging from what makes a good night out to the mind of Shane Dawson who is a popular YouTuber and much, much more!