What We Rate

What We Rate

2020 has been widely regarded as the year of Disney; The creative powerhouse has begun remaking movies to trigger the nostalgic part of their audience’s minds. With films such as Cars 2 and Beauty and the Beast gracing our screens in 2017, Disney has built a reputation for pumping out must watch films. However, they’re not the only movie makers releasing films to watch out for in 2020…

(Goonies 1985)

Goonies is easily one of the best kids adventure films of all time. It takes a child’s imagination, combining it with enthusiasm for adventure and presents this as some people’s lives were (at the time). It may be somewhat jarring now (as our childhoods weren’t quite like that) but is still a fun watch regardless. It features a group of kids out for an adventure, and to find money so that Mikey’s mum can resist the predatory property developers (coming at her for cash). While out they’re out they stumble across a frightening but friendly monster. 

BBC definitely know how to do a good crime drama series, whether its Luther or Line of Duty or Killing Eve or Bodyguard. They never fail to get your pulse racing or biting your nails. And these dramas are just a few of the great series that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


The predator, Luther, is on the hunt for is favourite prey, psychologically crazed killers. Although, his impulsive manner is tested by the wrong side of the law whilst he’s on the hunt. The latest season (number five) has left us with some unanswered questions, but definitely didn’t disappoint with a BBC record of 4.6 million viewers. As if five seasons of Idris Elba weren’t enough, there are rumours of a Luther film, aren’t we greedy? So make sure you spare time to catch up on all the genius detective moments, and some tough decisions in Luther’s past.

Killing Eve

A new edition to the BBC’s hit collection is Killing Eve, being one of the biggest series of 2018 we’re not surprised another season has just premiered. For those who need to catch up, the series follows Eve, the secret MI5 operator, when she embarks on a game of cat and mouse with the psychopathic assassin, Villanelle. The dramatic thriller stars Jodie Comer and Grey’s Anatomy star Sandra Oh. Killing Eve is one of the most nail-biting thrillers the BBC has to offer, which is clear after its season finale drew 1.25 million viewers.

5: Post Malone – Beerbongs and Bentleys

Hit machine Post Malone’s last album Stoney was not rated very highly, but this album is a massive come back for the artist. With massive singles which include ‘Rockstar’, ‘Psycho’ and ‘Better Now’ which were massive hits, each having their number one spot in the charts, Post Malone’s content and song writing has gotten a lot better and this propelled his album to selling 450,000 equivalent album sales in its first week and has made Post a huge figure in the industry and not a one hit wonder.

4: Travis Scott – Astroworld

This album received great praise as Scott isn’t the most well-known artist in the world, but this album became his second number one and sold an incredible 537,000 equivalent album sales, the second highest of the year behind Scorpion. All 17 songs on the album made it into the top 100, which includes ‘Sicko Mode’, the biggest single to come out of the album with Drake as the feature. This album became platinum status just over a month after coming out and is filled to the brim with quality music.

3: Pusha T – Daytona

One of the shortest albums on this list, Daytona only has 7 tracks and lasts 21 minutes, however this does not detract from the overall quality of the album, which features amazing instrumentals which were produced by Kanye. There is some fantastic lyricism from Pusha T (which is what he is well known for) and he doesn’t waste any opportunity to fire shots on this album, namely at Drake with the song ‘Infrared’ where he calls out Drake and his label mates. Overall this album is quite cliché for Pusha T, but he does not fail to deliver consistent quality throughout.

2: Noname – Room 25

Chicago rapper Noname built her name up this decade with her last mixtape ‘Telephone’, a lowkey and beautiful mixtape. With this album, she remains in that same vein, and has some gorgeous jazzy instrumentals with some great features, whilst sticking to her guns. The lyrics are very quotable and sharp, and there is a lot of emotion in the verses, even though they feel very spoken word, and the hooks to the songs are extremely catchy. Lots of topics are covered in this album, such as family, death, relationships, politics, you name it and it is more than likely on this album. An incredible effort by an artist who is waiting to blow up.

1: Kids See Ghosts – Self Titled Album

Following up his release Ye this year, Kanye West teamed up with fellow musician and friend Kid Cudi, to create an album that got massive praise from fans of both artists, and critics such as Anthony Fantano who gave it a 10. The album has a wide range of instrumentals, and features artists such as Pusha T who Kanye had produced an album for before this came out. This album is a part of a series of albums which Kanye had produced this year, all containing 7 tracks, and this album is no exception, with the run time only being 23 minutes long. The verses feel empowering, and the subtle vocals in many of the instrumentals brings this album together, and Kid Cudi feels rawer and more inspired than he has in the last decade and helps make a cohesive project with Kanye. This album has great content and overall musical sound throughout, of which there is a large variety of sounds, and doesn’t waste a single beat or verse.

It can be quite overwhelming seeing just how many TV shows there are, and knowing which ones to watch, and especially finding the ones  that are worth your time. So here’s a list of my top 10 TV shows, that are definitely worth a watch, you will not regret it!

How To Get Away With Murder

The American drama that has all the right things to become your next favourite murder mystery. The academy award winner, Viola Davis proves herself to be one of the greatest actresses of this generation. The show itself is bound to keep you on the edge of your seats with the show’s dark plots, romantic turns and messed up – but still lovable characters.


Perhaps the best legal drama to grace our screens, with a lovable duo, Mike and Harvey, it’s no surprise Suits has received individual praise and a long list of nominations. The show follows the incredibly smart lawyer Harvey Specter and his side kick Mike Ross, the talented college dropout. We follow both Mike and Harvey throughout the series, and the secret that could potentially lead them to their prison cell.

Stranger Things

Based in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, in the early-to-mid 1980’s. This Netflix Original follows the narrative of a group of 4 boys,  Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will. Initially portraying happy, typical lives of kids, the show develops from the discoveries and mysteries that have been uncovered in Hawkins.

Known for its unique style of appearance, the show merges brilliant cinematography and scenery along with an engaging, dramatic soundtrack that constructs the series in a way to replicate the 80’s.

Having released two seasons since 2016, it had become a public favourite as well as giving a platform for breakthrough acting performances, especially for the younger actors, most notably Milly Bobby-Brown who played Eleven. The highly anticipated season 3 is expected to be coming to Netflix on the 4th of July, and continuing on from the storyline of the previous 2 seasons, there is no doubt season 3 will disappoint.


This Netflix Original includes all the features that makes a drama truly enjoyable, an enticing narrative, conflicting characters and a magnificent production. Sharing similarities with the world renowned Breaking Bad, this crime drama stars a lead role for Jason Bateman who plays Marty Byrde, accompanied in the show with wife, Wendy, daughter, Charlotte and son, Jonah. 

After initially engaging in dangerous business with a large Mexican drug cartel in Chicago, a transition is made with Marty and is family moving to Missouri, Lake of The Ozarks. The abrupt relocation introduces a number of characters with contrasting activities, which all have an affect on the Byrdes and their involvement in the Cartel. 


Marvel’s Avengers End Game is the highly anticipated superhero filmed based on the marvel comics direct sequel to Avengers Infinity War, which was released in 2018 and will become the 22nd film in the MCU universe. It is now the 4thAvengers film made in the quad trilogy and will ultimately be the last. The film was originally announced back in 2014, yet was named Avengers: Infinity War- Part 2 yet was officially renamed and became known as ‘named Untitled Avengers film’. Filming began in August 2017, straight after Avengers: Infinity War as the two films were filmed back to back. The film is scheduled to be released in the US and the UK in April 26th2019, and as of late December 2019 it was labelled the second most anticipated film of 2019 by IMDb. So far through the official trailer we have seen a glimpse of Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Banner (the hulk), Thor and Nebula which already have fans creating theories and plans on how the final film just may end.   

Some animated films have even had a revamp to make the film even better and more incredible, like the classic Disney film Dumbo. The classic animation was released in 1941, and as of 2019, a brand-new live action revamp of the film is set to hit the cinemas, showing the award-winning original film bigger and better like never before. If you have not seen the trailer already you definitely need to, and in true Disney Style, it is magical! Like Dumbo, Disney really has been pulling it out of the bag recently and in the upcoming years with live action remakes. The most popular ones we have already saw is the amazing Cinderella, which was originally an animation in 1950, plus Beauty and the Beast, of which the original was released in 1991.

5: 21 SAVAGE – I AM > I WAS

21 Savage’s latest record ‘I AM > I WAS’ is the artists most ambitious album to date, featuring some beautiful instrumentals and all round good music production which is rather surprising as 21’s track record hasn’t been the best, dropping the occasional banger here and there but not releasing a project worthy of the time of day until this latest effort. 21 was met with some controversy this year surrounding him, as he was almost deported from the USA after questions came into place about where he was born and if he is a real US citizen. All in all, this album has been a surprising hit. 


Boogie’s new album “Everything’s for sale” is a fantastic debut for the artist on the Shady Records label, which is owned by Eminem. His style is very reminiscent of rappers such as Kendrick Lamar, who is from Compton like Boogie, and other well–known rappers, and this gives Boogie some leeway in being easily digested by new audiences as his music is contemporary and has a modern feel. Artists such as Eminem and 6lack turn up as features on this album too, which should tell you that if he is being co-signed by bigger artists than himself then he is certainly worth the time of day. 


Beyoncé’s new song album is essentially a live recording of her Coachella, which marked the first time a black woman headlined arguably the biggest music festival, and the performance was one for the history books. It contains songs from her album lemonade, as well as Destiny’s child songs where she is of course backed up by Kelly Rowland. The only issue with this album is the mix can be a bit off, but that’s because it’s a live performance, Beyoncé’s stunning singing talent shines through here and creates a fantastic listen. 


After having just released an album at the end of last year, Ariana Grande is back on form with her new album ‘Thank U, Next’. Singles such as the title track, and ‘7 Rings’ helped propel this album to the top of the charts, and Ariana Grande remains one of the biggest popstars on the planet. Grande had a rocky year in 2018, getting engaged, and her ex–boyfriend dying which in turn caused her to break up with her partner she was engaged to, but it is great to get some insight into how she is dealing with this in the tracks on the album.


Billie Eilish has been in question ever since she became a star as to whether she is talented at all or if her ties to the industry have just been making her something of an ‘industry plant’. Overall, the controversy outside of her music does not affect the music quality, and this album is some of the best music to come out this year entirely. Billie has a very quiet, childish voice on most of the songs, and has a lot of vocal manipulation mixed with fiery production which was made by her brother of all people and creates and amazing blend of genres such as electro pop and hip-hop, as well as other things. The music inside of this album is a must listen and has earned its place as the best album